Wednesday, July 16, 2008

how , what

I was hoping
I am hoping
I will hope
The rest of my life.

Hope is what I have.

I will never give up, my love.
I am doing all I can.
I am not doing this the best,
I am making mistakes.

I'll never give up.

All the time is in my head :
»How, how , how ...
... What, what, what ...
how, what, how , what .... «

I need money to survive.

To buy you a house,
with a garden, full of roses.
To buy nice cloths, and books, and shoes.
To take you out, just to enjoy and take a dinner.
To visit my country,
in white winter,
in smelly spring time ,
in colour autumn.

What I am doing?

It's not money that I need!
No, no, no !!!

I need you,
I live for you,
I live because of you.

Oh God, how much I love her.
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